UNLV Libraries

25th Anniversary of the Center for Gaming Research

Event Collateral


UNLV Libraries was preparing to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Center for Gaming Research and needed to brand the event. They needed an invite for the event and signage as well as a takeaway. The event branding needed to work well with the overall branding of UNLV.


  • Initial brainstorm with project manager.
  • Developed concepts for takeaways.
  • Designed branding to carry across multiple pieces.
  • Worked with UNLV’s print department to select paper and print process.
  • Designed invite, calendar and event signage.


The wall calendar was created as a takeaway as this would keep them on peoples minds (even if subconsciously) for a full year. The design of the angled lines was carried throughout all pieces in different ways using ridged paper for the invite and angled cuts on all printed collateral.