Sheet Metal Workers Local 104

Corporate Identity

Art Direction & Branding
Cynthia Hartness

Website Development
Julie Varley


Sheet Metal Workers Local 104’s training center was in need of a logo that presented some challenges – create three similar logos for three districts while illustrating each location and maintaining the overall identity of Local 104.


  • Initial meeting with client, design department and client executive.
  • Kickoff meeting with design team.
  • Individual designers sketched and concepted.
  • Presented two design options to client.
  • Worked with client’s feedback to finalize logo designs and carry the branding across multiple platforms including website design and development.


By collaborating with the client, account manager and design team I was able to create a final product that is bold, colorful and dignified.

Instead of using a map to show each district’s location, three blocks each signify one district. When laid over a map of California, those blocks line up with each district’s geographical area. Once a color scheme was decided, each district was highlighted on its logo to identify its location in relation to the others. The crisp, clean design for the logo kept the meaning at the forefront, allowing it to convey a complex message – although they are one, each district is an individual.

The best part about carrying this concept through to completion was in the presentation. I have worked with a lot of sheet metal clients over the years, so I am aware of their tendency to color inside the lines. During our presentation the client’s first reaction to this brand was apprehension, but as a team we were able to talk the client through the concept and ultimately left the meeting with both design approval and a very happy client.