Northeastern Nevada Museum

Coloring Sticker Book Illustrations


This project actually came up as a solution of a problem the client wasn’t even aware of. While creating illustrations of hundreds (and I mean hundreds) of little animal heads for a wayfinding app we were creating (unfortunately they did not maintain the app so it is now offline), I realized they would make awesome stickers. One thing lead to another and bam… Sticker book!


  • Talked client into the awesome idea of creating a sticker book to hand out to children that were already coming through the museum on a regular basis with field trips and such.
  • Transformed original illustrations of animals into sticker form.
  • Illustrated coloring book and created word games.
  • Concepts presented to client.


The Northeastern Nevada Museum now has these wonderfully fun sticker books to hand out to kids – who then bring them home. Parents see the sticker books and love that the museum gave something so thoughtful to their child, as they turn the book over they see a form on the back that allows them to donate and give back to this wonderful museum.