La Paloma Funeral Services

Corporate Identity

Art Direction & Web Development
Cynthia Hartness

Senior Designer
Julie Varley

Meagan McCall


La Paloma owns three sister companies: La Paloma Funeral Services, La Paloma Pet Cremation and Simple Cremation. Each of these companies was in need of a brand refresh and new, functional, websites. I say refresh instead of rebrand because they did want to keep any existing brand recognition, so we needed to work within the same look and feel.


  • Initial meeting with client and account executive.
  • Several concepts created and mocked up.
  • Concepts presented to client.
  • Worked with client’s feedback to finalize logos.
  • Assessed existing websites functionality issues and met with client at=bout their hopes and dreams.
  • Designed and developed three separate sites, one for each company.


La Paloma’s logo update was a way to refresh an outdated design. The idea was to keep La Paloma’s essence of comfort and care and combine it with a modern, timeless look. Updated fonts and a revamped illustration played a big part in this refresh – the dove that was once blended into the logo is now front and center, representing the peace La Paloma brings to its clients. La Paloma’s pet cremation services equally needed a recharge, and it was modernized to connect with the parent logo, using the same fonts, colors and placement but replacing the dove with a set of paw prints. The pet cremation logo is a further representation La Paloma’s commitment to peace and comfort to all of their clients, even the furry kind.

The website rebuilds were each a beast of a project. They all needed an ecommerce solution as well as a way for people to submit lengthy forms to purchase cremation packages online. Throughout the process we would come to a solution just to have a wrench thrown into the mix. Ultimately all three sites have all the functionality the client dreamed of and have markedly increased their business.